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Creative Photos of Great Dishes

I specialize in commercial food and beverage photography for restaurants, food distributors, and food manufacturers.


Creative Photos of Great Dishes

Chaotic and raw, striking and uncut – this is how I display food for the world to see. The plate acts as my canvas, the food as my paint. I hunger for perfection; my photographs show my passion. Let me guide you on a journey of color and imagination where food tells a story without taste.

Colors and textures take center stage in my images, competing with nature’s hues of every season. I crave perfect lighting and staging in my photographs just as I thirst for the right ingredients in my own dishes. I combine both my culinary and photography experience in order to create strong, visually appealing images for my clients.

The food jumps from my photographs, and the colors attract the focus of everyone who sees them. The entire process of capturing these images starts with a collaborative effort of everyone involved. From the client to the stylist, we all work as a team to achieve a final image that best represents the food and our vision.

From the cutting board to the plate, I capture food on its journey through the kitchen to the dining table. I find the right setting for the food and enhance the viewer’s experience with creative lighting and placement. For me, colorful and texture-rich foods make the perfect art, and I hope to share my art with clients and the world. If just one look at my photographs makes someone hungry, then I know I have succeeded and accomplished my mission in life and art.

I bring a personal and effective approach to every project I work on, which is why my clients love my work and why they keep coming back.

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I am not accepting new clients at the moment. If you like to schedule a photoshoot, expect 3-6 months waiting time.

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